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Pietro riparbelli@Moers Festival_Germany - 26/05/2012 ore: 00:00 -



Saturday May 26th / Sunday May 27th / 5:30 pm in the Studio des Schlosstheaters

This year’s Concerts in the Dark are all about “hidden currents” - sounds which come out of some shadowy place, whose origin is unclear. In some cases they explore the sounds generated on the sidelines of music - noises generally viewed as interference or audio by-products: the hiss of tapes that are slowly disintegrating or the buzz of an amplifier before the first note of an instrument is heard. In others they attempt to make audible sounds that are usually difficult for the human ear to hear, like those produced by bats in echolocation.

John Duncan (us, it)
Ronnie Sundin (se)
K11/Pietro Riparbelli (it)
Lasse-Marc Riek (d)
Seth Nehil (us)

Curator of the concerts in the dark: Till Kniola/aufabwegen

Free Entry!

Venue: Studio des Schlosstheaters Moers, Kastell 6

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