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Saint Maurice Cathedral - Mirepoix - 03/09/2022 -

Bob Drake's recordings within Cathedrals project

external audio: https://pietroriparbelli.bandcamp.com/album/saint-maurice-cathedral-mirepoix

Italian Cathedrals, Sound Archive 2006 / 2014 - 11/09/2017 -

“Cathedrals” (pietroriparbelli.bandcamp.com) is a sound archive born in 2006, conceived and developed by Pietro Riparbelli.

Opened to many artists and researcher’s contribution, up to now it has tens of hours of field recordings, captured inside cathedrals and other sacred places of Christian tradition. A selection of the field recordings of cathedrals, basiliche, Italian shrines, edited by Riparbelli himself, gives birth to “Italian Cathedrals, Sound Archive 2006 / 2014”.

"Half-human, half-divine, these places show their complex essence through the recordings of the archive. Tourists and children’s voices, reverberations with sacred flavor, hyms, Masses, sounds from the street that enter shyly from church portals come in succession in the recordings. Through listening we experience these places not only as works dedicated to the glory of Christianity but, as Fulcanelli said, also as “a vast conglomerate of ideas, trends, popular belief, a perfect combination to which we might refer without any fear each time is needed to examine in depth the thoughts of the ancestors in any field: religious, laical, philosophical or social”. The whispering, choruses not always perfect and various sound interferences could move the listener away from a desire or an expectation of spirituality, but the real teaching of cathedrals it might be exactly to train and sharpen the perception. These places, in that sense, can prove to be great teachers, and these recordings are the perfect mediums for that purpose. For those who have a good and sensible ear, it will be possible to feel the sacred, thanks to a feeble and intimate prayer that we can perceive under the tourist’s voices or through a not very impeccable chorus that, in a moment, turns perfect in his praise. Riparbelli’s sensivity in dealing with these sounds make the listening of these three hours intensely experiential. The sounds are selected and edited discreetely. As Medieval architects themselves, Riparbelli seems to consider how much important is to subordinate the technique to the idea, demonstrating once again that his study is directly linked to a research on his being. " (Andrea Penso, Kirlian Recordings)

external audio: https://www.soundohm.com/product/italian-cathedrals-sound

Primo Movimento - 30/09/2016 -

Massimo Bartolini and Pietro Riparbelli Sound Performance @

INTIMACY LP - 11/09/2016 -

“Work comes out of work”, Richard Serra does not stop to stress concerning the various modes of his artist enterprises, be it sculpture, film, drawing or print. With 'Intimacy' sound artist Pietro Riparbelli proves that from the factual labor and workspaces of contemporary artists work evolves into new and unprecedented art.
Post-minimal with respect to the process art aspects of production, Riparbelli recorded eight artists at work in their studios, complete with their spoken reflections, discussions and the physical act of material creation. Work does come out of work – more so even: the mostly silent gallery walls, the sound levels there rarely rising above hushed speech, the art itself inherently mute, are activated by Riparbelli's sound art piece 'Intimacy'. The objectified white cube walls of the gallery turn out to be teeming with hustle and bustle and loaded with subjective narratives.
Not only does Riparbelli project creation into the gallery space, he also draws poetic lines from the artist to the viewer – in this case listener. Riparbelli does not only literally bring us closer and more intimate to the artist at work, in the studio. He also reflects on a wholly different nature of art process practice: the intimacy of hearing. One can close the eye, shut out light and turn off from seeing artworks. Totally closing off the ears is impossible. Experiencing sound art is a much more intimate act than viewing visual art. The aural mental image is profoundly direct, pure and unmitigated. Intimate even as the projected 'image' only forms in your head and not in a perspective proportion before your eyes in terms of color, material, distance, scale et al.
Seeing registers from perception in front of the viewer; hearing is all around. Seeing is external; hearing is internal. Riparbelli's work brings the poetic inspiration of the creation of an aural image, experience or understanding of his work directly to the listener, therewith instantly and profoundly activating imagination on a process art plain from external to internal between the artists, the sound artist, the sound art piece and the listener; conceptually but also and very much so tangible, bodily: the haptics of the poetics of space.
What you hear is not what you see. Riparbelli presents processes. He does not propose soundtracks to the artworks. This is not illustration, but a poetic dialectic akin to his Cathedrals project in which Riparbelli examines the architecture of the churches with full focus on the sounding environment of the building, sounds in space and resonances. With 'Intimacy' Riparbelli portraits the artists at work as a positive aural space, drawing attention to process and dialogue, to trial and error and all that aurally surrounds the artist and all of us. As in Rachel Whiteread's casts, this sound art work details the spaces most likely overlooked or overheard (or not even heard to start with) and presents these as full forces of time and matter, histories in and of themselves. These are by no means negative spaces or residues. These are shown to be various instances of the locus of life lived and creation therein; the 'toto' of which the artwork is but a single detail, a shard, a 'pars' – the artwork as the glimmer of an afterimage of the whole of creative activity.
Still: 'Intimacy' itself presents itself as an afterimage, a recording of the flux of creation, detailed and etched in recording material itself dematerialized in playback in the gallery space, with the concluding record itself being a once again material recorded afterimage of the afterimage and yet in no way a distillation or dilution of original creative instances themselves, but quite on the contrary a marked affirmation of continuous creation that can and will only take form in the form of triggered active imagination through the sound art piece. A totally new work came out of work. New work that is in a constant state of subjective assessment and intimate poetical reflection.
Pietro Riparbelli is an Italian philosopher, composer and sound-multimedia artist. He has released compositions under his own name and as K11 en PT-R. With Michele Ferretti (Nubilum) he forms the duo Zone Démersale. Riparbelli's work has been released by Touch, Gruenrekorder, Old Europe Cafe, Cassauna and Geräuschmanufaktur. Riparbelli lives and works in Livorno (Tuscany), Italy and works works with the Enrico Fornello Contemporary Art Gallery. Riparbelli is member of A.I.P.S. (Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori).

external audio: https://caricomassimo.org/edizioni/intimacy

INTIMACY - 11/09/2016 -

Intimacy è un’installazione sonora, che nasce dall’idea di realizzare ritratti di artisti contemporanei, attraverso registrazioni audio effettuate nei loro studi. Nell’installazione saranno riprodotte contemporaneamente le sorgenti sonore registrate negli studi di Massimo Bartolini, Gianfranco Baruchello, Paolo Masi, Margherita Moscardini, Silvia Serenari, Emanuele Becheri, CCH e Federico Cavallini; per creare una composizione sonora in continuo mutamento grazie alla compenetrazione delle singole tracce diffuse nello spazio Carico Massimo.

Vacuum - 20/12/2015 -

Provided to YouTube by Cargo

"Vacuum" on Dirter Promotions - 14/11/2015 -

Pietro Riparbelli – Vacuum

CD ltd to 500 copies worldwide, in gloss laminated mini gatefold sleeve.
Photo Artwork by Elena De Angeli

Sven Schlijper:

“Le Saut dans le Vide; jumping of the side of building into sheer nothingness; a photo manipulation of Yves Klein, a Sunday paper dedicated to the Void and a leap to certain death or bodily harm had the artist not truncated the image of the infamous picture. A moment suspended in thin air, melded into air, like the cloud-capp'd towers and gorgeous palaces: we are such stuff as dreams are made on…

Italian sound-artist and composer Pietro Riparbelli presents his 'Vacuum', a symphony in six parts: forty minutes of suspension of time and gravity. Field recordings from empty spaces collide with the reverb from walls, floors and ceilings in empty spaces – rounded with a sleep, a lucid dream in vacuous disconnection from tactile time and space. A flowing meandering stream of melodic flows and rich analogue textures provided by vintage Italian 70s synthesizers launches 'Vacuum' into the outer reaches of the Stratosfear.

'As I foretold you, were all spirits and melted into air, into thin air…' as Riparbelli's tempest defragments into an inner journey within the void, his jump is a compelling case for mediated personal explorations on the treshold of nothingness, a point in case for the ticking countdown towards the jump off moment, the aural eye of the storm in which all dissolves: a play of forceful magnitude with the ears as movers, shakers and actors, main protagonists, playwrights and performing directors of the plot not given lightly but full of mythical potential.

Pietro Riparbelli is an Italian philosopher, composer and sound-multimedia artist. He has released compositions under his own name and as K11 en PT-R. With Michele Ferretti (Nubilum) he forms the duo Zone Démersale. Riparbelli's work has been released by Touch, Gruenrekorder, Cold Spring, Cassauna and Geräuschmanufaktur. Riparbelli lives and works in Livorno (Tuscany), Italy and he is the curator of independent music label Radical Matters. Riparbelli is member of A.I.P.S. (Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori).”

audio/video associated


Pietro Riparbelli – Vacuum CD ltd to 500 copies worldwide, in gloss laminated mini gatefold sleeve. Photo artwork by Elena De Angeli Sven Schlijper: “Le Saut dans le Vide; jumping of the ...read more

Camera Aperta - 29/10/2015 -

Sound Installation in collaboration with Elena De Angeli - Chiostro Del Levante in Florence.
The work is based on an historical and acoustic investigation of the Renaissance space. Field recordings recorded within the place mixed with readings of medieval texts and liturgical pieces by Coro Stella del Mare.
Selection of the texts: Elena De Angeli.

Cathedrals project - 24/10/2015 -

New web site for the "Cathedrals" project.
Thx to Elena De Angeli for her wonderful photos and to RadicalMatters EditionsLabel.


“In the Cathedrals project, the cathedrals are shown as sounding objects. Riparbelli presents splendid aural documents or dioramas. It is man that makes these spaces resound, with his steps, speech, any sound generating activity. This is a dialogue determined by acoustic premises, enabling us to experience ourselves in the space of a sound. It also provides the possibility to engage in a retroactive dialogue between the sound of the self versus the sound of a space, for example by Alvin Lucier’s deliberate action in I Am Sitting in a Room or in the form of aural residues of human and lack of natural activity recorded on Jacob Kirkegaard’s Four Rooms. Riparbelli bypasses the hard-as-difficult aspect by offering simply the basic stone hard reverberation of the churches that wholly naturally projects an atmosphere of awe and veneration”.
Sven Schlijper

Memorie Possibili - 04/10/2015 -

Audio/Video installation within the former church of Santa Lucia in Cagliari, realized with sound sources from the sound archive "Cathedrals"

external audio: http://www.pt-r.com/public/sounds/cagliariexcerpt.mp3

placeworks associated

Memorie Possibili

Audio/Video installation within the former church of Santa Lucia in Cagliari, realized with sound sources from the sound archive ...read more

Uncodified Signals - 20/06/2015 -

Sound Performance @ Artopia Gallery - Milan

Opening June 24, 2015, 8.30 pm
della muta eloquenza
Katinka Bock | Paolo Gioli | Jean-Baptiste Maitre | Paolo Meoni
Kathrin Sonntag | Emanuele Becheri | Danilo Torre | Runo Lagomarsino
Luca Rento | Margot Quan Knight

curated by Paola Caravati

9.00 pm | Uncodified signals | sound performance by Pietro Riparbelli

Uncodified signals, a sound performance by Pietro Riparbelli. The performance is done with the exclusive use of shortwave radio receivers. The radio signal takes us to a dimension invisible to the senses in which we are constantly immersed, a music without instruments, sound without images, inevitably connect with its complement, the silent image.

A Study in Mixed Environments - 25/05/2015 -

Site-specific soundscape curated by AIPS

18 June 2015 at 21:00 and 22:00 the event series continues with A Study in Mixed Environments, a site-specific soundscape for the Palazzo Strozzi courtyard curated by AIPS – Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori (with participation by Giulio Aldinucci, Alberto Boccardi, Enrico Coniglio, Attilio Novellino, Fabio Perletta, Pietro Riparbelli, Franz Rosati). The performance will consist of a real-time soundscape through sampling of ambient sounds recorded by microphones placed in specific areas in the Palazzo Strozzi courtyard.

Admission free

Città con Vista - 27/04/2015 -

Innesti Urbani
Serata Videoarte

a cura di Caterina Benvegnù, Anna Facin, Francesca Manni

martedì 28 aprile
ore 21:00
c/o civico 43, via del Santo


Riccardo Giacconi, Pietro Riparbelli, Michele Sambin, Matteo Stocco, The Cool Couple, Devis Venturelli, Daniele Zoico + Antonella Campisi

Una serata dedicata alle ricerche di artisti che lavorano con il mezzo video, focalizzando l’attenzione su opere che offrono sguardi inattesi su spazi urbani così come su territori naturali. Le immagini in movimento divengono veicoli d’osservazione e rielaborazione, visioni ulteriori per la destrutturazione di un linguaggio narrativo che si soffermerà, per questa serata, su prospettive di luoghi, suoni ed inedite dinamiche di relazione.

La sequenza di proiezione si snoderà in un percorso che attraverserà superfici, lambirà architetture, svelerà piccoli centri urbani, dischiuderà spazi abbandonati.
Un viaggio nel quale si intrecceranno tracce documentaristiche, sembianze di trailer cinematografici, frammenti di memoria e leggende territoriali, in una dimensione che se sembrerà dapprima ancorarsi a spazi circoscritti, tenderà a trasportarci verso inediti immaginari di possibilità.

Riccardo Giacconi
10 piccoli indiani, 2014

K11 | Pietro Riparbelli
He Tries To Come To Us, 2013

Michele Sambin
Film a Strisce, 1976

Matteo Stocco
The Belt, 2012

The Cool Couple
The Third Chimpanzee - Vajont, 2014

Devis Venturelli
Superfici Fonetiche, 2009

Daniele Zoico, Antonella Campisi
Così lontano dal vederti - Official Trailer ITA, 2013



Zone Démersale Live @ Ombre Lunghe - 25/01/2015 -

31.01.15 @ Sì
Via San Vitale 69, Bologna

Zone Demersale is a techno/ambient duo formed by producer Michele Ferretti (Nubilum) and sound artist Pietro Riparbelli (already under Touch, Important Records and 20 Bucks Spin, among others).
The project starts from a conceptual and aesthetic reflection (both members have philosophical training) to move into minimalism, transcendental spiritualism, cosmic music and sonic spatiality through a constant phonic and compositional research.
Their tracks are produced using various vintage hardware, from the Italian synth Jen to the Echoplex looper, shortwave radio receivers and various samples recorded by the duo.

interview - 01/12/2014 -

interview@Musica Kaleidoskopea a kaleidoscopic view of music

Musica Kaleidoskopea
a kaleidoscopic view of music

Composer Profile: Pietro Riparbelli:


Zone Démersale "Stella Mattutina" out now - 01/12/2014 -

Out today the first episode of the Digital Series 01, by Zone Démersale, an analog ambient voyage from the morning star, today out on Junodownload.co.uk, Beatport, Boomkat and also on bandcamp
Supported by: Norman Nodge, Richie Hawtin, Nina Kraviz, Oscar Mulero, DJ Hyperactive, Angel Molina, Dasha Rush, Deepbass, Arnaud Le Texier, Phone, Bleed, NX1, Plural, Ctrls, Albert Van Abbe and many more

Aconito Records is back with the Digital Series 01, presenting the first episode of this series. Zone Démersale is an italian duo, featured by Michele Ferretti and Pietro Riparbelli. The duo is now presenting their debut on the label with a 4 tracks EP, an ambient voyage with smooth techno incursions. The objective of Stella Mattutina is to describe a particular mystic and spiritual walk, where the subject starts from a contemplation of the cosmos to the most distant deepness of ourselves. The voyage bring as from the whole brightest consciousness to the emptiness of the purest dimension of the being.

becoming sound - 01/12/2014 -

"BECOMING SOUND" presents an awesome performance by Pietro Riparbelli & Alessio Ballerini recorded during a workshop held at the Nub Project Art Space in Prato, Italy. This is the third installment for the Live Series edition
C40 Chrome Cassette limited to 50 copies, hand-numbered GM#31

Cassauna/Important release - 16/06/2014 -

Claudio Rocchetti & Pietro Riparbelli
"Three Quarter Tone Piano Pieces"

sauna18 CASS

This work was created using short wave radio signals, field recordings, dusty analogue devices, as well as samples from "Three Quarter Tone Piano pieces" of the American modernist composer Charles Ives (1874-1954) as central sound source.

Pietro Riparbelli is a philosopher, composer and sound-multimedia artist based in Livorno (Tuscany). He is working in Italy with the Enrico
Fornello Contemporary Art Gallery.

Riparbelli's performances and installations have been presented at D'Amelio Terras contemporary art gallery (NY), Equinox Festival (London),Nuit Blanche (Paris), Magazzino d'arte moderna (Rome), Palazzo delle Papesse (Siena), Flora (Florence), Fundació Tàpies (Barcelona), Base progetti per l'arte (Florence).

He works with performances, sound installations and recorded works and in the last three years he has been collaborating through selected projects with Massimo Bartolini, Nico Vascellari, Philippe Petit, Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo, Francisco Lopez, Christina Kubisch, Seth Cluett, Yannick Franck and others.

He is a curator/executive producer of the independent music label Radical Matters - Editions Label with the new series "Metasound" and he his the curator of the project AEDO "Curatorial and Sound Practice" to investigate the dimension between music and contemporary art.

The work of Claudio Rocchetti is a deep plunge into thick sound, investigating its innermost workings. Using a variety of devices such as turntables, audio cassettes, samplers, radios, and microphones, often incorporating other objects and traditional instruments, Berlin-based Rocchetti builds compelling structures that employ sound as sheer matter, mass, and impact. "I have a very direct approach to sound, trying to act on instruments and devices," he says.


Becoming Sound - Installation - 14/05/2014 -

Pietro Riparbelli & Alessio Ballerini

Sound Installation @ Nub Project Space

Becoming Sound uses the sound of Prato Cathedrals recorded during a workshop held at Nub Project Space.

new project: Zone Démersale - 21/04/2014 -

Pietro Riparbelli + Michele Ferretti

A techno grammar walktrough, focused on the investigation of the human most archaic feelings and inner nuances.


Becoming Sound Workshop - 10/04/2014 -

26 e 27 Aprile 2014

A.I.P.S. presenta
BECOMING SOUND WORKSHOP – Le Cattedrali tra visibile ed invisibile
un progetto in collaborazione con NUB

c/o Studio Corte 17
Via Genova 17/4 – Prato

Becoming sound è un progetto site-specific di sound art che vuole mostrare il processo stesso di creazione di un’opera; dall’indagine fino alla realizzazione. Il progetto si sviluppa su tre steps:

1- una mappatura sonora delle cattedrali della città che ospita il progetto – archiviazione e archeoacustica
2- un’installazione sonora – abitare l’opera
3- una sound-performance realizzata con le sorgenti sonore riprese all’interno delle cattedrali -ri-significazione dei luoghi

I tre steps sono sviluppati attraverso un workshop che prevede moduli teorico-pratici che si svilupperanno nei giorni 26 e 27 Aprile, presso lo spazio NUB a Prato, come segue:
- lezione teorica con i partecipanti (sab 26 h10 – 13);
- soundwalk per la mappatura sonora in location (cattedrali) con i partecipanti (sab 26 e dom 27, h 15 – 18);
- installazione con i partecipanti e performance finale (Alessio Ballerini + Pietro Riparbelli) con i suoni registrati durante la soundwalk (dom 27, h 18 – 21)

1) TEORIA: Il Paesaggio sonoro tra ecologia ed estetica; Tecniche di registrazione microfonica; Definizione di una mappa sonora, pratica delle soundwalks (passeggiate sonore); Costruire con i Suoni; Elementi di Sound Art; Pulizia dell’orecchio; Il designer acustico; Presentazione del progetto “CATHEDRALS” (Archivio delle registrazioni di luoghi sacri nel mondo); Piani d’indagine del progetto (dimensione storica e ricerca sull’archeoacustica); Sviluppo di una particolare disposizione all’ascolto.

2) PRATICA: Soundwalk e registrazioni sonore di cattedrali. Allestimento dell’installazione sonora e visiva. I registratori audio digitali ed ulteriori attrezzature saranno messi a disposizione dei partecipanti.

Per maggiorni informanzioni sul progetto Becoming Sound:

Il workshop è rivolto a tutti fino un massimo di 20 persone. Nelle passate edizioni hanno partecipato psicologi, studenti, ingegneri, architetti, urbanisti, videomakers, fotografi, musicisti e interessati. Non è richiesta pertanto alcuna preparazione specifica sull’argomento, in sede verrano fornite tutte le basi per poter affrontare al meglio le giornate.

È possibile iscriversi compilando il modulo online seguendo il seguente link:




“Sacred Architecture – Benevento” has been composed with field recordings made in three churches in Benevento (Chiesa dell’Annunziata, Chiesa di Santa Sofia, Duomo) in March 2013. This work is the final step of a workshop held within the “Suonabene” project curated by Leandro Pisano.

Many thanks to Leandro Pisano, Annalisa Cervone, Giuliano Mozzillo and to the pupils who have followed me during the workshop.


As a part of the multiform and increasing scene of research on the soundscape which has been developed in Italy in the last decade, the work of the philosopher and sound artist of Livorno, Pietro Riparbelli, reveals a number of unique elements in the investigation of the phenomena of spatial perception and dichotomy between the visible and invisible within the soundscape.

Among the most significant projects, that together reveal the eclectic approach to the exploration of places and regions through the sound and the multidisciplinary vocation of the aesthetic investigation practiced by Riparbelli, “Cathedrals”, a real sound archive based on field recordings of sacred places made in different parts of the world (enriched by the contribution of various sound artists from different latitudes), contributes to one of the richest veins of this analysis, in which the architecture, the history, the archeology of the sacrum are highlighted in an articulated narration of places that interconnects in a complex way languages, methods and perspectives.

Inspired by this approach, and containing a series of recordings made ​​during Suonabene (www.suonabene.it), a residency project / educational about sound held by the author at the Liceo Classico “De La Salle” of Benevento in March 2012, and curated by Leandro Pisano, this work tells of the journey of exploration conducted by Riparbelli with students in the churches of Santa Sofia dell’Annunziata and the Duomo in Benevento.

Inspired by this approach, and containing a series of recordings made ​​during Suonabene (www.suonabene.it), a residency project / educational on sound held by the author at the Liceo Classico “De La Salle” of Benevento in March 2012, and curated by Leandro Pisano, this work tells of the journey of exploration conducted by Riparbelli with students in the churches of Santa Sofia dell’Annunziata and the Duomo in Benevento.

As reported in the critical text that related to the present release (at the moment only in Italian, soon in English too), written by the visual anthropologist Annalisa Cervone “the investigation plans around which revolves the work of Riparbelli are essentially two: the historical-cultural one and the “estesiologico” (i.e. related to the aesthetics of perception). They, however, are continuously intertwined with each other to create an aesthetic unitary discourse, a sort of large textual fold where the intellectual elements of research emerge, from time to time, in the form of mobile and ubiquitous sound compositions, whose epiphanic dimension (and so do not “visualistic”) refers – in the form of pure sound that is enough in itself (as almost completely de-secularized) – to the complex combinatorial game that governs the geometry of sacred buildings”.

From the text-folds of this fascinating sound narrative, emerge a series of pictures juxtaposed as in a kind of parataxis in which, in the exploring of architectural resonances or sounds and voices from the distance, lost in the grandiloquence of the architectural spaces, coagulate itself in the meaning of a research that puts, in the perspective suggested by Annalisa Cervone, “at the center of its aesthetic discourse the moment of listening – here understood as a total perceptive fact that puts the “listening ear” and the sound source (the world-environment) in a relationship of openness and mutual self-giving”and that acquires, in the end, “a powerful ontological value that refers to a complex reflection on the “aisthesis” (esthetics), conceived as the beginning of a new way of knowing through perception”.

uncodified signals on OAK edition - 21/03/2014 -

'uncodified signals'

The work has been created with radio sources by shortwave radio receivers and field recordings recorded at radio center of Coltano founded by Guglielmo Marconi.


"I don't claim that our personalities pass on to another existence or sphere. I don't claim anything because I don't know anything about the subject. For that matter, no human being knows. But I do claim that it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence or sphere who wish to get in touch with us in this existence or sphere, the apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity to express themselves than the tilting tables and raps and ouija boards and mediums and the other crude methods now purported to be the only means of communication."

This quote was made in the October 1920 issue of Scientific American™.


The mystery of life is certainly the most persistent problem ever placed before the thought of man. There is no doubt that from the time humanity began to think it has occupied itself with the problem of its origin and its future which undoubtedly is the problem of life. The inability of science to solve it is absolute. This would be truly frightening were it not for faith. Guglielmo Marconi - speech to the International Congress of Electro-Radio Biology, Venice (10 September 1934)

THE WORK IS AVAILABLE IN RARE LIMITED EDITION. The Album is related to the sound sculptures thanks to the concept of shortwaves.

The sculputures are provided with amplifiers so you can reproduce any sound source you like.


sonic cueb - 05/03/2014 -

Sonic Cueb

experimental and electronic music festival

Curated by Luca Nasciuti and co-produced with Sound and Music

cueB Gallery is proud to present the second edition of Sonic cueB - three days of experimental and electronic music featuring emerging and established, national and international artists presenting solo works in the heart of south east London. Performances are on the Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th March 7pm -11.30pm, at cueB Gallery - The Brockley Mess Café, 325 Brockley Road, London SE4 2QZ (tickets £20 festival pass, £8 single event, £6 concession at www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sonic-cueb-tickets-10184591387)

Sonic cueB is a festival of original music curated by composer Luca Nasciuti and will showcase an eclectic range of practices combining sound art, noise, drone, acousmatic, ambient, electroacoustic, and electronic music by artists Ain Bailey (UK), Marios Athanasiou (GR), Alessio Ballerini (IT), Kira Kira (IS), Timur Kuyanov (SE-RU), Yiorgis Sakellariou (GR), Iris Garrelfs (UK-DE), Lina Lapelyte (LT), Sam Salem (UK).

Sonic cueB is also an opportunity for artists to develop a dialogue within the diverse range of experimental music forms encouraging the production and discussion of collaborative performances that will be presented every night.

Sonic cueB
cueB Gallery - The Brockley Mess Café
325 Brockley Road, London SE4 2QZ
Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th March 7pm - 11.30 pm
Nearest train station: Brockley (Overground and National Rail), Crofton Park (National Rail)

For more information and press previews please contact:
Luca Nasciuti E: luca.nasciuti@gmail.com

Co-produced with Sound and Music Composer-Curator Programme, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation

"Sortie" by Pietro Riparbelli - 02/02/2014 -

SORTIE - arises from a conceptual idea based on the dichotomy between the emergency exits which are situated everywhere in the small city of Nanterre (Paris) and the motorway that is running below, into a sonic soundscape evolved out of sources from field recordings and radio signals.

C34 cassette will be available 01/18/2014


pietro riparbelli@spazio O' - 22/01/2014 -

L' Archivio Italiano dei Paesaggi Sonori presenta:

'Postcards from Italy'

da un progetto ideato da Attilio Novellino e Giulio Aldinucci e successivamente curato da Gianmarco del Re che ne ha reso possibile una "prima" presso il rinomato cafè Oto di Londra ed un adattamento presso Soundfjord - http://www.soundfjord.org/


h. 20:00 3 live set a cura di

Enrico Coniglio (Lemures) - Giovanni Lami (Lemures)
Alberto Boccardi - Pietro Riparbelli - Attilio Novellino - Giulio Aldinucci - Matteo Uggeri - Franz Rosati - Ennio Mazzon - Nicola Di Croce

h 18:00 installazione a cura di Franz Rosati, Ennio Mazzon, Gianmarco Delre




Cafe OTO - 10/06/2013 -


Sunday 16 June 2013

Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £8 adv / £10 on the door

The Italian Archive of Soundscapes (AIPS), is a collective of sound artists formed in 2010 by Alessio Ballerini and Francesco Giannico in order to document the changing face of the Italian soundscape and to promote the ecology of sound through a variety of workshops, soundwalks and soundmapping projects covering different Italian cities including Taranto, Bisceglie and Rome.

Cathedrals - 19/03/2013 -

New recordings within "CATHEDRALS"project:
Notre Dame de la Chapelle, Bruxelles
by Jez Riley French

RMEDL / K11 - 'Chthonian Music' on Cold Spring - 14/12/2012 -


Reissue of an extremely limited 2010 release (x50 private copies). This multi-dimensional collaborative opera (audio installation and concept album) is a bridge between the conception of sound within the contemporary art scene, post-industrial culture and the avantgarde black metal musical scene. It focuses on creating a dialogic development between radical forms of concrete music, unorthodox sounds, conceptual arts and experimental recording practices of acoustic phenomena. The following artists participated on the release: Aderlating, Andrea Marutti, Burial Hex, Christina Kubisch, Deadwood, Francesco Brasini (Sevenguitars), Francisco Lopez, Gianluca Becuzzi, L'Acephale, Luciano Maggiore, Massimo Bartolini, Nordvargr, Philippe Petit, Seth Cluett, Utarm, Y.E.R.M.O.


sound corner - 25/11/2012 -

Pietro Riparbelli @ Sound Corner
Three days of silence - The mountain of the Stigmata, (2012 )
23-11-2012 C/O Auditorium Parco della Musica - Roma

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Pietro Riparbelli is a philosopher, composer and sound-multimedia artist based in Livorno (Tuscany). His
compositions have been published by TOUCH (UK),Important (US), Dirter Promotions (UK), Gruenrekorder (DE), Radical Matters Ed/Label (IT),Utech (US), Afe Records (IT), Boring Machines (IT), Cold Spring (UK).
Riparbelliʼs performances and installations have been presented at DʼAmelio Terras contemporary art gallery
(NY), Equinox Festival (London), Nuit Blanche (Paris), Magazzino dʼarte moderna (Rome), Palazzo delle
Papesse (Siena), Flora (Florence), Fundació Tàpies (Barcelona), Base progetti per lʼarte (Florence).
He works with performances, sound installations and recorded works and in the last three years he has been
collaborating through selected projects with Massimo Bartolini, Nico Vascellari, Philippe Petit, Fabrizio
Modenese Palumbo, Francisco Lopez, Christina Kubisch, Seth Cluett, Yannick Franck and others.
He is a curator/executive producer of the independent music label Radical Matters - Editions Label with the
new series “Metasound” investigating the dimension between music and contemporary art.
He is a member of A.I.P.S. ( Archivio Italiano paesaggi Sonori).

Pietro Riparbelliʼs study of the phenomenology of perception with particular reference to the dichotomy
between the visible and the invisible is closely connected to his conceptual address of the ʻsonic landscapeʼ.
He delves into deep investigation of particular places, taking in the history of the location as well as the
current site specifics to reconfigure a sonic panorama (or diorama) through its inherent transcendental
aspects in order to create a dimension beyond the purely or merely sonic: a total perceptive and receptive
capturing of the place and its visible and invisible tangents, transporting the listener to a new and hitherto
literally unheard form, kind and ʻcontentʼ of sensory experience and therewith: perception. From a specific
time and place, to another (listening) time and place and in between, found (!) in Riparbelliʼs transmutation
and compostional interpretation: an altogether new and invisible (maybe even: non-existing) ʻvistaʼ…
(written by Sven –Paume.nl - Platform for Avant-garde and Urban Media Explorations)